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“Social Business Design” is the buzz of the past few months – and especially the past few weeks with one of the thought leaders David Armano from Dachis Group being here in Australia.

Social business design can be defined as:”Social business design sits at the intersection of organizational development and marketing, and can be loosely be described as the practice of developing communities of engagement to develop ideas, activities and outputs for commercial and social benefit.” Anne McCrossan

“Social Business Design is the first (as far as I can tell) effort to completely unite both the strategic and implementation components of a new kind of business. Social Businesses are those which are designed from top to bottom as a reflection of the world we all live in online today. A business were everyone is connected and able to contribute but also where the right tools are available to them to do all of this with a business intent from the beginning.” Jevon MacDonald

In simple terms, Social Business Design is implementing Social Media throughout business systems – training staff on useful tools and sites, collaborating with suppliers digitally, opening up relevant aspects of the business to crowdsourcing of ideas, and so much more.

What fascinates me about social media is that it affords us a platform to connect with like-minded people, people we have a desire to be in contact with.

If you apply this to business then “Social Business Design” a way of doing business more productively because people are engaged and interested in the subject at hand, have access to (and a natural inclination to seek internationally) new technologies, research, innovations and business models,.. and so much more.

Social Business Design may be a temporary term, it could be replaced by ‘digitalised business’ or even.. just ‘business’ in the future. In essence, it’s about agility in this global market. It’s about marketing/branding innovation, tech-innovation, as well as great people-in-business collaborations.

There is so much fast-paced business innovation to come.

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