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I run agile projects, programs and start businesses to  achieve results fast, provide online services, strategy, and research.

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strategy, planning & growth services

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increase customers

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Sam, you’ve been of tremendous value to us, like a secret agent that comes into an organisation, figures out what’s wrong, pinpoints the change maker and pushes them so they have no choice but to fly – what a great and unexpected skill!

Nick Jaffe

Entrepreneur, Kohutt


fast results

bringing ideas & exceptional experiences to life

direct & accelerate projects

practical, lean, agile delivery through experience

quickly removing roadblocks

stakeholder planning & management

change management & culture development

improve your online look

digital leadership programs, coaching, facilitation & training

website, social media site & email newsletter builds

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content strategy, digital strategy, processes & resourcing

communications that convert

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Sam has an uncanny mix of serious business acumen, intense creativity and expert practical knowledge of the digital world. Her ability to quickly assess the needs of people and guide them to a solution has contributed to a working relationship that has deeply benefited our overall approach. Add to this: a wicked sense of humour and an infectious laugh and you’ve got a great addition to any team, project or business.

Claire Spencer

Digital Director, 108 Collective & Origin Energy

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I’m generally based in Australia / Melbourne and regularly travel internationally and interstate.

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