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Someone asked recently,

“Why Do?”

“Why are you bringing Do Lectures to Australia?”

..seems pretty obvious really.

Fascinating conversations with people who’ve demonstrated truly incredible talent, talks that teach, an entrancing environment, camping and walking and talking that sometimes challenges you (not just because of the walking and talking at the same time), new ideas sparking in your mind, surprises that have you wonder what it’s like to create unexpected delight, and a bit of getting your hands dirty learning new skills.

Four days and three nights that uplift all aspects of your life well beyond what is was.

And then some.

That’s why I’m part of a  motivated, creative, fun, very hard working and …determined crew bringing Do Lectures to life in Australia in April this year at Payne’s Hut.

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be remarkable. Some are saying an experience of a lifetime.

We’ll see.

Follow my  lead from 2011. Apply to attend. See if you get in. And then see what happens.


Do Lectures Wales 2011 Steve Edge James Lynch Samantha Bell Ross HillSam, Steve Edge, James Lynch, Ross Hill at the DO Lectures 2011 Goodbyes.