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How’d you like that mischievous blogpost title?!

…Having spent a cherished past 4 days with a dear friend and her children in country Victoria, Australia, I have reflected on my luck and past effort to bring me to this special time (and having to only do a few hours of work).


People wonder about my life and how I play so much. “Do you have a job?” is a regular question.

Here’s insight to how I do it:
* I neither work to live or live to work. I live.
* I’m enriched by many family, friends and newcomers so I spend lots of time with them. So many of my memories are about amazing times with great people.
* I care about being the best I can be. Exploring (new places, people, ideas, exceptional businesses) and being nurtured (great food, people, cleverness) has me be my best. I often travel for this.
* I have a full-time, wonderful assistant who is great at researching and implementing my big and little ideas*. I can have more peace of mind seeing thoughts come to reality and knowing our Runway Digital system is working while I’m not available. Having many ideas used to overwhelm me, especially as many weren’t implemented.
* I worked hard for over 20 years and have developed a network of people who know my skills and contact me for specific work. I’m lucky enough to have  business planning, project management, change management, culture development, business consulting and industrial engineering experience before becoming fascinated by social media and the effects of the internet on business.
* I rely largely on word of mouth and am pretty strict about who I coffee with. I ask extra words when people ask to catch up for coffee so I can gauge whether it’s of value to work together; whether they have required budget, and whether we can discuss over the phone rather than meeting (an hour face-to-face meeting with a commute and the time taken to ‘get into’ other work on either side of it can take 3 hours).
* Clear communication and doing what I promise.
* My clients don’t mind where I am. This comes from trust and delivering great service.
* Anyone who successfully freelances or has their own business develops a comfort with the flows of cash. My philosophy is that life is always supporting me. I always have money to do what comes up. When I say “yes” to what I’d dearly love to do, a new project comes along.
* I’m constantly tweaking how I work best and what I do best – what’s my special niche in the world economy. A recent tweak is using 90 minute work sprints**. This amount of time is a good time block to keep me focused and to help me think I can do 4 of them each day. At the start of a day or the day before, I can plan my day, one block for a meeting, another on this project, another on chores, etc. 30 mins in between each and a 2 hour lunch where I can do whatever, go to the market, eat at a great cafe,… it gives me space to be and to ensure I’ve space to continually let new stuff in and feel creative.

More to come on these topics and others to support you being your best in life.

If you want a conversation about this how to develop your version of this, I do coaching sessions and support you and if you want to create projects together – I’d love to hear more. Get in touch using the form on the right on this site.

Get on board. Be ace, love life.

~ Sam

* Thanks to Carly Heaton for the tip.
** A recent example is wishing the wonderful photos from space by Commander Hadfield could be seen by more people. We worked out a system for this and my assistant last week started uploading them to my foursquare account as tips in each city. People in Paris have loved seeing the photo.