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Do Lectures Australia Samantha Bell Melinda Jacobsen history

See this is what happened ~

From a superb time in Wales, I arrive in Melbourne. My close friend of many years Melinda Jacobsen looks at me with determination in her eyes,

“We have to bring this to Australia.” she says.

And indeed we are.

We’re finding funding now for Do Lectures in Australia in 2014.

An incredible team of highly productive DOers are finding us.

Our first partner is exceptional. The impressive Dumbo Feather, Small Giants crew – who know how to bring greatness to light.

If more partners with funds (we’re seeking AU$120K) turn up in time, Do will be in Australia in April. As David Hieatt suggested, “Go for the crazy”. Otherwise November. We prefer April.

In Australia there is the first settler and convict roots of strength and courage. There is the centuries of indigenous wisdom merged with immigrants’.

There is a pioneering spirit here to be charged and directed at industries, markets, environments, people, art, sport, culture, design, tech, food,

That’s where you come in: you know brands and people who fit with Do.  people who want this to come to life. brands that want to be involved – to see the experience here, the Do talks online, and what comes to be from a Do Lectures organisation in Australia. Contact them, get them in contact with us so we can work out how their funds will lead to their gains and ripple effects for many that we can predict though we’d be missing multitudes that eventuate because of Do. We’ve a pretty impressive proposal they’ll want to see.

Tell your friends about it. Watch us bring this to life.

At Do Lectures USA we’ll announce that we’re doing Do Lectures AUS and auction a gold ticket to attend. It’ll be precious as the first event will be oversubscribed.

Oh and if Duke, Anna or Matt are wondering where the Do Lectures USA sign is, tell them to ask the convicts, apparently they can spell.

There’s exceptional doing in Australia and loads more to ignited. Looking forward to reading your Do Lectures Australia application!