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When it first started, ‘online’ was reported as another channel or a new tool in business. Now, business leaders understand that the internet is throughout life, work, and society.

Business changed because of the Internet a while ago. As a business leader, it’s up to you to be self-empowered about digital so you can plan well and be aware of what’s here in use now, what’s just around the corner, and what could arrive faster than expected.

Being wise in business in digital is about learning Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s much more too. Here are 4 parcels of insights, approximately an hour of quick learning ~

Digital Business Introduction & Thought Starters by Runway Digital


Futurist Speaker Gerd Leonhard: Bottom Line Future Trends (summary) – Mobile, Big Data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

And finally insight to the expanding area of organisational and market ethics. As the product-to-market cycle gets faster, who makes decisions on privacy and what’s ethically appropriate for your customers? Insight from Futurist Gerd Leonhard:


Using one industry as an example ~

On each Digital Strategy or Social Media Strategy consulting assignment I recommend to clients gain from a digital researcher.

This is someone who is constantly scanning for new market entrants, changes to industry, being aware of leaders in your local and international industry, and feeding people in your organisation up to date information that helps with decision-making, innovation and pro-active risk management.  They are actively engaged in following what is occurring in your industry though aware that digital changes can come from other industries so they’re following sites such as Kickstarter.

In the instance of an internal role, recruit someone with a high interest in digital, an understanding of your market (or interest to quickly learn), industry, with a proactive, fascinated mindset, and engage them in relevant business meetings so they can tailor their research.

As an organisation becomes digitally-savvy, the majority of staff naturally dedicate some of their time to digital research in their areas of interest. This in turn supports communication, strategy, innovation, risk management, internal systems and more.

Further reading from Runway Digital and Gerd Leonhard

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