Coaching Session


One, 90 minute, coaching session.

Work smarter through intentionality, intuition and focused activities. Empower yourself and your business now.



The Coaching Session includes:

One Coaching Session (90-minute session).

In your session, whatever needs to happen unfolds naturally and it’s usually very powerful. I use the information on what you’re wishing to achieve to help you focus and to save you time. Sometimes it’s talking through confusing situations or unclear goals and gaining clarity. Other times it’s getting clear on what’s urgent or being introduced to relevant influencers, talented suppliers or tech. It’s also about clever planning. We work together to identify what will have the biggest impact and results for you.

A session with me will bring you focus and heighten the potential in your business and life now. 

Once ordered, you’ll receive a link to find a time that suits and book your time-slot. If it’s urgent and you can’t see an early enough time-slot free, please email [email protected] so I can move things around for you. You’ll receive a short questionnaire to let me know your aims for the session (and as relevant, the link to any of your websites, social media sites, and other online markers).

Before the session I’ll take time to review the information you submit and do preparatory research: this could be online research on relevant topics, reviewing your online sites or catching-up with relevant people who could further progress your thinking / challenge / business.

Bring along your important questions to the session so we can value-pack your session. Feel free to record the session so you can playback and get ready to work fast.

After the session, you’re clear on what to do next and you’re making things happen more ease-fully. It’s empowering and motivating. If follow up actions were mentioned in the session, after the session you’ll receive an email from me and/or email introductions or LinkedIn connections to relevant people who’ll help you progress.

See you soon!

Get in touch if you have further questions before ordering.

For more regular sessions, increase the number ordered and we’ll work out a schedule – either ad-hoc when you need it or weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

Sam has an uncanny mix of serious business acumen, intense creativity and expert practical knowledge of the digital world. Her ability to quickly assess the needs of people and guide them to a solution has contributed to a working relationship that has deeply benefited our overall approach. Add to this: a wicked sense of humour and an infectious laugh and you’ve got a great addition to any team, project or business.

Claire Spencer

Digital Director, 108 Collective & Origin Energy


Let’s chat about money.

I highly value what you do and what we do.

My work is bold, heartfelt, and powerful. I’m not competing in a busy marketplace.

This is an investment that isn’t disposable. It’s intentionally high quality and full of integrity for you.

Let’s get creating.