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Recently, a simple incident – a poor installation – led me to a realisation: lapses in integrity, however small, can cascade to a chain of extra work, follow-ups, and emotions such as frustration and disappointment. This got me thinking about long to-do lists. Could it be that at the root of these growing lists lies a fundamental issue – a deficit of integrity?

What Does Integrity Mean to You?

Integrity is a term often tossed around in both personal and professional spheres, but what does it truly mean?

To me, integrity in design means crafting great experiences with each step being thought through from as many stakeholders’ point of view as possible. In communication, it’s about being aware of your words, being trustworthy and reliable (doing what you say you’re going to) and sometimes cleaning up prior to or after hurt has occurred.

Aiming to always have integrity is a lifestyle choice that has attracted incredible friends and clients into my life. As I evolve, the more I have it, the better life gets.

The Sweetness of Integrity

I’ve experienced firsthand the ‘sweetness’ that integrity can bring: positive outcomes, easier life management, incredible people, and the joy of attracting like-minded individuals.

Integrity in design can create moments of surprise, delight, connection, and reduce workload – as I experienced in co-directing the Do Lectures Australia, where we organised the first event fast, relying on the integrity of exceptional suppliers’ words and email exchanges rather than lengthy contracts. EveryONE delivered (100% did what they said they were going to do) and it was incredible. An amazing experience for this and many other reasons. Plus, many suppliers and collaborators became lifelong friends.

Building and Maintaining Integrity

So, how does one build and maintain integrity?

I’d say it begins with self-awareness and a commitment to integrity in actions, words, and design. It’s about enhancing processes to achieve efficiency as well as ensuring every interaction creates the best impact, foregoing additions to to-do lists and emotional burdens of those involved.


Integrity effecting our todo lists is an evolving theory for me. Your thoughts?

How could integrating integrity more consciously transform your personal and professional interactions?

Are there aspects of your daily routine or work processes that could benefit from an extra dose of integrity, making interactions efficient as well as meaningful and engaging?

Imagine seeing integrity as an active force in your life, transforming everyday exchanges. It may be a key to unlock opportunities to enrich and simplify your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

Go team!


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