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Here’s the first of my blog posts from the wisdom 2.0 conference. Largely my notes, in brief. Favourite thoughts, words and comments that struck a chord with me. Enjoy, leave a comment as you wish.

“Constantly connected” world
– Soren Gordhamer

How may I be effective each day on a macro sense. Retraining your mind to lose the ‘lottery’ style excitement you get from receiving new emails… retrain to what do I wish to achieve today, on a macro sense.  Not always replying to emails; learning to be selfish – not replying to emails / doing stuff for others.
– Chris Sacca

The creators of Twitter and social networking sites create flow for us.
– Roshi Joan Halifax

Instead of organising meetings to meet with potential people I invest in, I can connect with them through social media and the web to gain info / background of them and then when we meet, we come together with a mutual interest / mutual investment rather than a meeting to meet.
– Chris

Tweets = flow through; email = static
– Chris

Two ends to one stick. Nothing replaces warm hand to warm hand; face to face contact.
– Roshi Joan Halifax

** I frequently use Google mid-conversation (to answer question / query) which adds to / enhances the conversation.
– Chris

Concern for the ‘shut ins’ – young people in Japan who are largely working on their computers in their home without social interaction. Possibly we have the same number here [in the USA] without us having identified yet.
– Roshi Joan Halifax

Session background:
1:30 – 3:00 – Managing the Stream: Living Consciously and Effectively in a Connected World

Bradley Horowitz (Vice President of Products, Google)
Chris Sacca (Strategic Advisor, Twitter; former Google Head of Special Initiatives)
Roshi Joan Halifax (Upaya Zen Center)
Greg Pass (Vice President of Engineering, Twitter)