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1pm Thursday 29th:
On the BART (San Francisco subway / train) into the city to meet @suzieis @edwardharran @davidahood at Blue Bottle Cafe
Snowpatrol “Open Your Eyes” chosen on iTunes
Headphones in
Tunes start…….Awesome track to commence this journey!
My mind is full of Minmia’s indigineous spiritual teaching: ego, greed, healing the world, humanity, leaving a world for us in 100 years that is free from pollutants and what toxins….
*excitement for what is coming*
blue skies
whizzing train
Peaking sounds from Snowpatrol…. “tell me that you’ll open your eyes….”
goosebumps and happiness
Bring it on.
Feeling peace
Spotted white caps and waves in San Francisco Bay
Passing ‘Daly City’ station
Keeping my eyes open for what’s coming…