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Great to see Whole Food’s insight from Bill Tolany. Here’s my notes – very action-orientated/tactical:

WF’s Twitter accounts – differentiating communities across Whole Foods’ offerings:
Wholerecipes – auto tweeet each time we blog new recipe
Wfmcheese – lead by a wf’s lady who knows loads about cheese
(and there’s many more)

Repetitive tweets lead to website or blogpost + having link on side of recommending how people can find that info (saves replying repitutuve info) eg apply job, suggest store location (see the picture/photo above).

Getting related companies to do blog posts eg toms shoes

Bring enjoyment to people.
*Gave 1milionth Twitter user 1 mil pound of quinoa!!!
* Competition :What would you do with a case of peanut butter” = 1200 responses on blog.
* WF action figures – “ecosuave” ken doll with a talking bubble “hey baby are you going to recycle that?”

Session background
2:15 – 2:25 – Lessons in Social Media from Whole Foods

Presentation by Bill Tolany, Head of Integrated Media at Whole Foods