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Just now, I was sitting in a session led by Ari Pliskin and MeiMei Fox in regards to Social Change, Social Action and using Twitter and new media. Here’s my notes / key points:

Christine Egger from Social Actions 
see causes on this site
you can see what’s being tweeted on causes you’re interested in
you can download a widget with the tweets for a particular hashtag

When tweeting, each tweet should be so full of info, including:
the what
what you want them to do
where you want them to go (website link)
how quickly you want them to do it
“Pls RT”
#takeaction hashtag – at the end
leave space in 140 characters for the retweet – i.e. 120 or 128 characters or less.

David Hood: “Support people in making change / taking action. Don’t expect guilt or emotional connection will force them / be enough to get them to act.”

Give space and time – don’t bombard.