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Yesterday I blogged about my life as a “natural adventure” and today I’m inspired to add to it with a photographic and written representation of my last 5 weeks to provide further inspiration/insight to you.

9-15th August: Start the week in an enjoyable setting – a cafe on Albert Park Lake – with a client, friend and social entrepreneur, Gretha Oost (the creator of 321-water bottles) then another fascinating conversation with a potential business partner, Jeremy Baird of Plan Book Travel at Salon T
Don the suit, catch the tram, into Melbourne CBD, to facilitate 2 days of Change Management training for Origin Energy, meet with a Melinda Jacobsen of Sports Dieticians Australia to prepare for a Saturday – facilitating a business planning day for their Board. Attend a health conference on the Sunday. 

16th – 22nd August: Two cafe meetings at MART130 to eat cherry pie and other delicious food, brainstorm, discuss and prepare two Social Media & Global Trends Presentations for clients in collaboration with Edward Harran; further work to finesse the presentations (a late night included), deliver one presentation on the Wednesday night for Chisholm & Harper clients and one on the Friday morning. Drive up to the snow Friday afternoon with a sense of achievement from great client feedback, ski til Monday (mixed with a few hours work via WIFI), have a very exceptional skiing day with a great friend Gary on the Sunday.


23rd – 29th August: Ski Monday til lunch then drive to Melbourne – arriving in time for a special dinner with exceptional senior leaders (who I met in Far North Queensland when we were saving turtles last year). The rest of the week is a mix of client meetings (cafes!!), celebrating a client’s (Damian Moloney of Franklyn Scholar) 50th Birthday at a great lunch spot in St Kilda then a few chores before collecting my sister and nephew from the airport on the Friday. Time with family. Sunday afternoon: drive to the snow. Emails and a few hours work here and there.


30th August – 5th September: Start the week teaching a dear friend, Rosalinda Batson, and her kids how to ski from Monday to Wednesday when I jump in the car to drive back to Melbourne to spend time with my sister and prepare for her best-friend’s wedding in a swanky penthouse on the Friday. A few hours of work online at different moments checking in with clients, phone calls as required.


6th – 12th September: Pack and travel to the Nullarbor Desert to meditate, explore what’s next for me in work and life, and be with two amazing friends who I work with – Jan Stewart and Edward Harran. 

I’m allowing life to be easy and setting up my life to be at my optimum and optimal for me. It’s possible 🙂

Happy natural adventuring,