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Fab Pete Spence asked me if the conditions I recently skied in Japan were outstanding which led to the words below…

"Absolutely outstanding!

Skiing through trees is exhilarating! I'm at speed, sailing down, slowly singing my body from left to right and I spot gaps between the trees to choose where to go and it delights me. I develop a heightened intuition of the way to go and ease and it's a peace of mind – like meditation – while I'm sure the heart is pumping fast. It feels like I'm on a conveyor belt of velvet with lovely powder flying around me. The photo here shows the effect – massive smile (often looking funny owing to the effect of cold temperature on my face) and I've had numerous "face shots" (powder is my face) so you can see snow around my face.

Long open 'bowls' without trees are fabulous too because I need good speed to let it all work and it can take time to trust that the snow IS so light to go through and falling doesn't hurt – it leads to loads of happy laughter!

Powder can be all different types too – where I was in northern Japan there are Siberian winds and the ocean so close so it has perfect climate for very light powder and lots of it. A powder factory! It is especially impressive when cold – later in the season the sun / warmer climes hit the powder and this compresses the snow flakes and makes it more dense and heavier (more effort) to ski through.

When it's light it disperses around me like talcum powder and floats around me. I'm going at speed and entranced by nature. It's exhilarating.

Skiing powder takes the smallest movement and effort – less so than on usual "groomed runs" at ski resorts. I'm totally biased though – I do love both. A lovely groomed run on an Australian ski field first thing on a cold Spring morning with blue sky and great friends nearby… Superb!!

Happy days to you,