For those of you yet to know about the Do Lectures, it's something special that you may love. Think of with loads of organic matter and authenticity added in a Welsh (and now Californian) setting.

On the weekend, I attended the Do Lectures at Fforest in Wales. It was an amazing experience. One best experienced for yourself (apply for next year: – scroll to the bottom of the page). 

Amongst the food, the generative Welch scenery and clever people, I gained great knowledge, insight, and belly-laughed a lot with new friends. Really. Lovely. People. 

And the venue Fforest is a truly remarkable showcasing of design and Wales.

Here are the "Do" comments and quotes I loved…

The Do Lectures Founder, Dave Hieatt, introduced the talks on Day 1, commenting on a few key and insightful aspects of Do:

* The talks create talk.
* The theme was difficult to articulate at the start – essentially the theme of the talks is "Eclectic".
* When bright people come together it brings about stuff & ideas 
* Don't let things/ideas go. Sometimes they have difficult births. Just start. 
* The biggest investment of all is your time 

Here's other quotes from the 4 days at the Do Lectures: 

"Make big stuff happening quickly."

"Capture the world's imagination."

"If you are authentic and doing great things your brand is safe. "

"Fear is your heaviest bag."

"Make great products and associate with appropriate ambassadors."

"An adventure, collaboration and a mistake."

"We don't always know how amazing we are."

"Start thinking of yourself as the only one who can deliver [whatever you can uniquely deliver]." (express your uniqueness)

"Bring out inner fool to engage others emotions." 

"Everything's an offer."

Better than PR – "develop relationships with people who understand what you do."

"I catalyze people."

Have a look at the current talks on the Do Lectures site here:
I highly recommend David Allen's and Alice's.

Here are the photos I took from Day 1:

It's all good 🙂