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Viv McWaters is one of the clever people I’ve met in the past few years. She is constantly learning (her business, fittingly, is called “Beyond the Edge”) and you may love reading her blogpost about how she chooses clients and this one on great company values.

With a team of ‘merry men’ (such as Geoff Brown) Viv has been conspiring (as she does) to create something special: a conference called “Thriving with uncertainty” – focused on unique learnings about how you can thrive in life and in work in the current context of lots of uncertainty.

It brings to mind the words in the subject of this blogpost – and it’ll be a lot more than that: a place filled with support, love and loads of laughter.

“Got your ticket for Thriving In Uncertainty? Melbourne, July 12/13. Latest news here” ~ Viv

We are dealing with lots of change and challenge, and we are also surrounded by lots of opportunity and beauty. Working with Viv brings about the positivity and fun of life.

For people I’ve worked with and those I know who are doing great work in their business lives, this is an opportunity to learn, take time out, explore and discover. Check it out. Be part of the fun. If any of these words resonate with you or have you curious, or any of the words on the website do, sign up. Go, get sign off from work. Take time out. Time is short 😉

Viv – Well done and thanks for inspiring me.