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A few weeks back I attended a wonderful event called Trampoline. Over 100 people came together to…

“Come and share what you find amazing!
Bounce around cross-discipline concepts and thoughts that expand your thinking!”

What an engaging start! This was the blurb on the Trampoline website.

The day was divided into 20 minute talks (over 30 minute timeslots) from 10:30 – 5pm (with lunch in between). So we got used to using the stairs of Donkey Wheel House – the many-story-venue in Melbourne CBD – as we dashed from one session to the next. Each of the sessions was largely a briefing at the start then a group discussion, some sessions where presentations.

Participants led the topics to be discussed and a ‘grid’ was created on the wall (see photos). at 5pm we started ‘lightning talks’ – shorter, quick pitches.

I love “open space” facilitation and events and organised a weekend this ‘self organising’ style – which is in a previous blog post: Hotham Blink Tank. “More of them!” I say. There’s a trend toward these sorts of events and often they’re called “unconferences“, “bar camps” (for web developers / programmers), and even slightly similar are ‘hack days’ (e.g. Lonely Planet’s recent one in Melbourne) – where developers come together to create great applications, useful code – in a casual environment.

The consistent theme is creativity. When there’s no boundaries, respect, interest, passion, sharing… possibilities multiply!

As Joanne Spain says, “Steve Hopkins, Pat Allan & Melina Chan are space creators, they create a space for idea sharing and conversations via their un-conference style event Trampoline.” (This is taken from her blog post on Space Creators which is a great read – click here:

More photos of the event at: