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Samantha Bell, Brighton, 2012, December, Trainor

Samantha Bell, December 2012.
Photo credit: The Trainors & Fray Portraits.


Ruthless culling is happening.

Twitter: following 60 very select, interesting experts, clients and some close friends.

Instagram: 100 – photos by exceptional photographers and a few friends’ photos I’d like to see without having to open Facebook on computer.

Foursquare: 38 friends’ locations (Sarah Moran‘s will be a highlight when she’s sailing the world).

Facebook newsfeed – very very few friends’ updates (I have Facebook where I want it right now bwaaaahhhaaaa haaa… 😉

Removed Facebook iPhone app.

Moved iPhone apps I rarely use away from my main screen (Flickr I love the new updates though your upload is too slow).

Unsubscribed from email subscriptions.

Fitbit: 6 people to encourage me to walk more when I (rarely) need encouragement (having fitbit numbers is usually enough). …scratch that, 4 people. 15 movie lovers.

Clear app, my old friend, is now front and centre!

Reducing the duplication across sites too (following a person’s photos on Instagram rather than following them on both there and Twitter).

Now I’m checking less (there’s nothing there!) and enjoying higher quality (today a photo on Instagram awed me, as did a tweet) from people who heighten my focus / widen my perspective on things I’m focused on/ teach me really interesting things / give me a great feeling / help me be the best I can be / make me smile. They’re people I want to converse with or send a favourite/like/heart/star/sign.

Another BIG bonus is having time to read this amazing book which filled the one missing gap I knew we had – but couldn’t put my finger on – in the social media system we use for clients (huge thanks for the recommendation, David Hieatt.)

So I’ve gained more focus and at the same time the next iteration of Runway Digital is coming to be as we continue to help awesome organisations and people showcase their talents, engage their audiences and connect with new customers. We’ve tweaked our systems, as we always do – so that all our clients and people get soooo much for their time, effort and money – providing high levels of value is what I and the team is about.

I’ll keep culling so we can keep this happening and so that I can continue to create days doing what I enjoy ~ wherever I am.

Your turn! What are your numbers people, numbers 😉 …where are you at with attention across your sites?

Have you been getting your focus on? What are your insights, tips?

Go excitedly,

~ Sam