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This afternoon I washed the inners of my new barefoot shoes (thanks @rosshill!) then hung them on a basic washing line I'd strung across the window. Then *plop* …one shoe fell out the window and down into a foresty scrub below. Oh dear. 

I searched around the perimeter of the hotel and saw it was inaccessible – or so I thought. "Oh well!" Went off and enjoyed an hour or so and then… a nagging in my mind came. 

Off I went to see if there was another access. Walking in and out of people's houses and gardens I went. Came across a man who waved me on and said it was fine for me to be there (I think – he was speaking Italian). I scrambled around in the scrub and looked up and Mum's voice is somewhere above laughingly wondering where I am. Hilarious! Bamboo amongst a thick scrub. And bitey thorny things. Then *FOUND*! Grabbed my shoe and slipped back down to a a safe ground. 

On the victorious walk back to the Hotel I came across the same man. He invited me to sit with his wife and proceeded to bring me figs picked off the nearby tree. I learnt to peel the green skin off the figs and they brought out the most beautiful Moscadello wine. I spent a while learning loads of italian as I searched iTranslate app on the iPhone to converse with them. It was a truly joyful experience.

And I'm taking Madre (Mum) back there domani (tomorrow) for a coffee. Amazing.

Life is sweet.