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Yes, well, with 3 instances in the past 2 weeks of people on Twitter realising I’m not following them anymore… I feel inspired to write this blog post.

I’ve recently received great on tips how to manage Twitter (with thanks to: @rosshill, @joannespain, and recent blog How to manage Twitter without getting burn out ) .

As such, I’m trying a new Samantha Bell system:

I often ‘unfollow‘ people, retain some and ‘follow‘ new people.
(i.e. Who I’m following regularly changes.)


  • Happiness… to enjoy the information rather than feeling overwhelmed by too many tweets.
  • Feed me my great stuff… to tailor information coming to me so it is very niche. It is about the niches I’m interested in (i.e. “Innovation 2.0” rather than “Innovation”).
  • Trust the Network works… I believe many people I know will RT others that I want to learn information from – especially locally here in Melbourne. Instead of getting tweets twice or more, I unfollow some of my local network and rely on the network to provide and filter (and to inform stuff I’ll be interested in).
  • Creativity and New Ideas… It also bring in new ideas, different information and… heightens my creativity.
  • Quality not Quantity… To have a feeling of calm that I can read all tweets received in a day and not have to scan my list of tweets too much. (NB: I use Tweet Deck and don’t make the time to manage/group people I’m following or to set up different columns.)
  • Reality check… I can’t always be connected on Twitter to everyone I meet in life (online or face to face) – the feed would be outrageously long.

These are all great reasons to me.

The problem occurs when people (who expect you’re following them) are surprised/offended/annoyed by my “unfollow”.

For these people… please don’t take it personally. We are always connected. We can always reach each other.

Empower me (and you and others) to find a Twitter system that works for me. Help me find my sweet spot of individuality, efficiency and happiness.

I love the idea of each of us as individuals finding the system that works for us.

Please add your comments…

Update 19 November, 2009 (later in the day to writing this blog post) here’s another blogpost very similar (thanks Ross):

[Sidebar: I like Ross‘s quote of “If it’s adding time to your day, you’re not doing it right!” – challenging and confronting which is great for reflection – in this space of gazillion weblinks and people that we are connected to – and as we all find our sweet spot of Social Media efficiency.

I also make a note that at the moment I am following approx 50 people so that I don’t have too many tweets every day. This is actually published by Twitter as “Samantha Bell is following 370 people” – the other 320 people are not yet using Twitter and those who rarely tweet. ]

Thanks to Joanne Spain once again for a lovely image of a beautiful tea cup.