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I’ve been quiet on the blogging front since sxsw for a few reasons – a couple being I’m considering how to focus my blog(s) for the future – so it’s easy for you to see more of the information you’re interested in and also because I’ve been traveling. I’m based in Melbourne for a month now which is lovely to be set up.

I was writing an email today and am now compelled to share it…

It’s about the ‘greatness within us all’ and also the shift in current (consulting) business models.

Interested to hear how you’d add to it! Here it is:

Finding the passionate people and connecting them to others who can bring about their visions is part of being a great company
they’re often a minority in business

there’s innovation possibilities in everyone
so many texts concur
plus there’s great work to be done by many who are currently controlled, constrained, etc by current business models

bringing out every person’s uniqueness and special qualities is a possibility to every (business) environment

new business models will come
Consulting firms current models aren’t sustainable
Many don’t wish to be partner – the hours, what’s required etc

what’s the answer?

a ‘key thread’ for me is leadership
perhaps servant leadership (without losing oneself)
i.e. trust, entrust, inspire, encourage, support, allow those who you work with

let the business model be a combination of ‘self organising’ principles and current world
as the two blend (as our input to and involvement in the web strongly influences our lives)…

Drop me a comment – let me know what you think – agree / disagree / additions / what’s missing / what works for you? Thanks in advance – I appreciate it.

Happy days to you

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