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A refreshing 10 minutes watching Beth Kanter talking about Social Media and time management. A great topical conversation with Social Media being so entrancing to many of us!

Key points:
* Set yourself time periods to do tweeting or other social media work
* Beth does tweeting etc at low energy times of the day
* Social Media is entrancing – time management to get stuff done is key

I’ve been recently using my iPhone timer and a list for managing my social media time – I’m finding it’s a great way of being disciplined!!

Here’s the video (apologies for the poor iPhone quality):

And a plug for the great work done by impressive @decart and the team organising “The Beacon Lounge” and their online videos from sxsw – watch here:

Session Background
Beth Kanter at The Beacon Lounge
15 March, 10:30-10:45pm


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