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Chris Winfield – – @chriswinfield on Twitter
Tony Adam – visible factors – @tonyadam on Twitter

Sesision Notes:

—start of Chris’s presentation:
Social Media = “a giant conversation online”

Why would you want to be involved in Social Media Marketing?
* Achieve recognition with a wider audience
* Create / Improve reputation
* Enhance credibility
* Attract evangelists
* Public Relations – spread your message
* Link attraction (attracting traffic via links to your website)

Seaworld reference – this company used Social Media well to get over recent incident

1. Locate your Audience
* find where they are – site you can use:
* check your analytics; set up simple filters in google analytics
* find out where your customers are
* create Google alerts for your organisation, brands, your competitors
2. Social Networking – some of the other alternatives to Facebook and Twitter that are still relevant:
* Blogs – you can use to see what blogs are in the same niche as you – see which are most influential and most active
* Myspace still useful for local busineses
* Niche Social Networks

* Online Video – videos should be short and sweet,example Youtube clip to check out these three viral examples:
Quicksilver dynamic surfing viral
Dove Evolution –
Evian Roller Babies –
* Forums – currently underated – still relevant. use to see how many people are using different forums. i.e how many people are in the forum talking about that niche
* Yahoo! Answers
* Social News and Bookmarking – e.g. Digg and Reddit – people are often looking at these to find content… people will search, wanting to find the ‘latest great link to share’ and send it to their friends/network
3. Summary
How to be more social
* find out where your customers are
* research the forums
* niche sites:

Use dashboards like or

Let people know where you are:
add social links to email signatures, bottom of blog posts, mailing lists – where you are spending time

Get back to basics – use what works for you – don’t get caught in the hype
Use the ACTUAL sites your audience is using – get involved in them, get active, and still focus on return on investment (ROI) / bottom line

Be human!

—end of Chris’s talk
—start of Tony’s talk

Gaining Visibility
* Be a ‘link ninja’ – seek links – need links to rank for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
* You want to stand out from the crowd
* great search to find the best social media: best [add your niche words here] social Media site
* Increasing Facebook fans with contests: Billshrink 800 fans to 2,400 fans from giving away $2,500
* Digg – added a post “12 biggest ripoffs in America” that got a lot of traffic
* Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook = younger audience
* JUMP ON NEWS – news related or trends related works well – create a resource quickly and load on Digg – can get on homepage within 20-40 mins
* Create humourous and outrageous content on Digg – gets out there
* Add embed codes so people will use and get people to spread the link direct to your site
Example goals:
XXX,000K unque visitors
xxx+ links to post
covered in major tech news
leverage embed codes for more links
overall goal: increase rankings
* – shows numbers of links
* Use Social Media to gain visibility
* understand your ROI
* Set goals and create a plan to achieve those goals

Background – Session Details:
12 March 2010 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Location: Hilton D
Hilton Hotel
Austin TX 78701
Learn to look further than Twitter and Facebook when it comes to using social media to help your business succeed on the web. Learn solid strategies, how to measure success, and all the tools you need to succeed in the fastest growing marketing medium on the web.

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