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I just attended an exceptional session by Darren Rowse (@problogger on Twitter)

Focus of presentation: “DPS” (main focus of the work Darren does)

First 2 years = foundations – none of these four things were about monetisation
1. Content – quality and quantity. Content that is most useful, worked out my audience early (beginner, poor photographers!)
Some things (like how you hold a digital camera) surprise you as to how simple they are and how helpful they are to others. Increased to 7 posts per week. 1 post a week may not be enough ‘doorways’ into your blog/website.
2. Promotion – need to put yourself out there and seed your content out htere. Sneezing content out there.

  • who is the reader I want to read my blog
  • where are they gathering already?

Lifehacker – linked to 1 in 3 posts Darren sent them.

3. Community – built as much as you can early. Flickr group early. Transitioned to blog forum.
Forum users and Blog readers overlapped. Community workshops – whole community answers questions asked by individuals. Interesting finding – people defend the products/brands they’ve purchased! Community vitally important

4. Capture Contacts – capture people’s details. Emails and weekly updates from the site.

Monetisation in first 2 years: Ad networks and affiliate marketing (amazon – pays a very low commission – 4% – which adds up when you get traffic – $13k last month).

Years 3-4:
* Staff writers, expansion of topics, design, Social Media
* 2 posts a day. [Today: 12 posts a day]
* Monetisation: Ad networks, direct ad sales, affiliate marketing, products (eBooks, training courses from companies we want to align with & our own products – $70K of sales in a week for a recent eBook). This works because we’ve built up the community and content beforehand!

Q: International market?
A: 90% readers in the US. Think about our language a little though really are writing for the US market.

Many bloggers are looking at using their blogs to promote opportunities other than selling products (in part because of the economy) as the advertising isn’t paying as much.

Q: How much are you paying your writers?
A: US$60 per post – it’s partly quasi-guest blogging as they receive a lot of publicity to each of their posts

The book – in stores: Second edition available 11 April or click here:

Session Background:
Day Stage
Austin Convention Center
Friday 12 March 5-5:30PM
Austin TX 78701

Happy days to you

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