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Brian Solis (@briansolis) + 3 guests who feature in Brian’s new book “Engage” – Dennis Crowley (On Twitter @dens), Frank Eliason (@comcastcares), Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang),

personal brands and business brands are on a collision course…

“We are defining a new era of society and how we ultimately communcate with one another”

in many ways, social media feels like the ‘summer of love’… 60’s…

The most amazing thing about social media is YOU – your reputation preceeds you online – you’ll be googled!

There is a gap…

FEAR: we report to people who don’t necessarily agree, understand…

The revolution is starting from the bottom up. Scares the sh$t out of everybody. IT can’t control. Blocking Facebook during work time… Ignorance is bliss for the “C-suite” (CEO’s, COO’s etc) though this is an illusion of control.

Social Media gives you the ability to monitor perception.

Not speaking AT people anymore, we’re conversing.

We report to people who don’t care about transparency and authenticity.

ROI = Return On Ignorance vs Return on Investment

Knowing what you want to measure means everything

“Who owns Social Media?”
– not ONE person – it’s PEOPLE who own Social Media – its ‘our’ job to find who it is that owns it – the people in the organisation who are relevant and who will champion / work with it.     NB: Who owns email?!

“If a conversation happened online and you didn’t hear or see it – did it happen?” !! Ignorance isn’t an excuse.

Everything starts with listening and research

There’s not one Social Media platform to focus on (ref:

We’re building a human network so there’s not just one.

If you can’t collaborate internally, you’ve no chance of collaborating externally and using Social Media.

Social Media is more about sociology and psychology than technology

People become a fan because you’re giving them value, substance, thought…

It’s about you reaching your customers desires and their

People on Social Networks are saying:

“If I don’t think you’re authentic I’ll call you out”

“I want to believe that what you’re bringing to me”

This will change our jobs cause it means we have to care.

Shout out to Tony Hsieh from Zappos who lives and breathes the care.

Multiple Personality Order – you may have to take on different personality for the brand you work for (as an employee / consultant) plus your own personal brand

For personal accounts you can be one…

Brands become media – programming, editorial content – we need to program the content we create and publish.

The Magic Backchannel – there’s an undercurrent (now visible) of commentary. People with big networks.

Engaging audience is just the beginning. Where are you sending your audience… are they staring engaged?

Reaching people where they are going today – The Three screens: Computer, iphone, TV.

Women are the biggest users of Social media

Social compass – brand is at the centre – Brian’s work

Social “me“dia – there is a “me” is media

At some point, we have to stop asking questions and start answering them for ourselves…

Many case studies and examples – the ones to pay attention to are those you are writing!

We earn the relationships, trust and reputation we deserve.

—end of Brian’s presentation

—start of panel conversation

Dennis: 1500 venues around the world that have majorship offers on Foursquare – every checkin is like a mini recommendation on Twitter, Facebook. This is the venue I go to.

Brian: We are the new genre of celebrity – we bring recommendations

Frank (company Contest): Engaging your customer makes them the your advocate. Personal interaction – connect with it. The day you realise it’s personal…

Dennis: 540,000 people on Foursquare

Brain: We should drop the “C” from “Social CRM” – don’t have to be a customer – when we focus on the “C” we put blinkers on

—end session

Session Background

scheduled 12 March 2010 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Location: Hilton C

Hilton Hotel

Austin TX 78701

Engage is the new book by Brian Solis that will debut at SXSW. Representing the 3rd book on New Media and its impact on society, culture and communication. Engage will help anyone not only understand the changes in the media landscape but also how to lead it. Brian Solis will be joined by a special guest to discuss the new book and answer questions followed by a book signing.

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