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Interesting panel discussing the semantic web. “Semantics means that my computer understands what I am asking it to do”

Web was developed so humans can browse. There is more information (the world’s information and data) than search engines can provide.

Lots of commentary – have a look at the tweets here:  #beyondalgorithms
Session Background

Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web

Ballroom, 14 March, 2010 3:30-4pm
Interactive Panel Design & Development
New faceted search engines are emerging that promise smarter and more personalized results that take advantage of the Semantic Web. Do they deliver, and what do these engines mean for traditional search? How can obstacles such as scalability and diverse content provisioning platforms be overcome for Semantic Search to succeed?

Nova Spivack

Carla Thompson

Gil Elbaz


Dag Kittlaus


Barak Berkowitz