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A few years ago I learnt (through doing yoga) that the less I have around, the quieter my mind, the easier life is. It’s easy in yoga – there’s a mat, some blocks, a blanket, an eye pillow and white walls. I go deeper into myself, my practice and the moment. 

Every thing around me in my home, in a cafe, on the beach… has a story. I’ve noticed that I can look at a treasure and recall a story from my past which can distract me from creating another great memory in the present moment.

So I’ve cleaned out many treasures and keep a few favourites. 

And I have less stuff in the bag I carry around. I travel with a smaller bag (a carry-on back pack).

I have even reduced what I need and carry by not using makeup. I may change this opinion in the future 😉

This links with sustainability and re-using what we have. The world’s population uses over 1 planet’s worth of resources (and yes, we only have one planet!). I am more comfortable consuming less.

Are you interested in this idea of spring cleaning your life – home, travel bag, car, office? What could you throw out, give away, do?

Happy days to you,


Photo credit: Boston Globe and if you like this and have an iPad download The Guardian Eyewitness app 🙂


This post was automatically posted as I am currently in India!