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Here’s me sharing my rough notes on tonight’s event…
Via @problogger:
Researching your blog – write a document including:
Example name of example reader of your blog
Add a picture (to make the example real)
Outline issues they have
What I can answer through my blog
Where are they hanging out (eg flickr poor photos)? Then build
presence there – eg this helped Darren work out that he needed to
build a presence on flickr as people were posting poor quality photos
there – people he could provide support to in getting better at
Write stuff people want to pass on. Work out what’s being passed on &
what could be passed on.
Business blog – alongside your business, showing what u do,
Blogging can be navalgazing so, if you’ve got readership, this = army.
Get them doing something. Turn it back out – use what u create in your
blog for others (crafts for budhfire victims), campaigns/project.
USA is past the negative view (that blogs aren’t trusted sources) &
are referred to.
Blogworld expo – event Darren goes to each year. 40,000 bloggers.
Never tweets personal stuff via business blog or Twitter (I.e.
vlogs (video blogs) can be powerful as diff people learn different
ways. Include a transcript for those who don’t watch videos.
Jasmine Star – great business blog.
Daydream lily – great Melbourne blog
What u wish you’d known?
Offer email newsletter – pop up on site, once for new visitors
offering to subscribe. Not just rss. Highest traffic to website on the
newsletter day.

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