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Here are my rough notes from the conference I’m at today run by Darren Rowse of Problogger – more info here:

Finding Readers – Darren Rowse

Come up with 3 reader/user profiles e.g. 3 people – lots of details about them and their lives, their role. Their names, photos / faces. helps when writing posts. Having them in mind when writing posts,  personalises your words. 

find who are the main people – check google, check twitter for who’s talking about the subject (and who has high volume) & survey your current readers (what other sites do you read, what is useful)

If people aren’t going to gain value from the post, don’t publish it. 

think about reader and where they are hanging out – these are the ‘outposts’ of your digital offering (compared to your website which is ‘homebase’)

also think of what’s relevant to them – e.g. at christmas time “how to photograph your family at christmas”

email directly to someone who comments – don’t expect they’re coming back.

remember your readers may have a big network.

5-10% of who I’m writing for is the readers I don’t yet have

polls are good to get reader engagement and to collate a list to feed back to readers

rely on google and also your list to drive you traffic (e.g. the day you send an email out 3 x usual the traffic)

Use darren’s blog as example – titled ‘digital photography for beginners’ w red square in right top.  This is his sneeze page  – it propels people into different parts of the blog  and includes a collection of previous favourite blog posts that newcomers may not have seen before.

promote but not too much

link back to twitter followers in posts

1. content 
2. email
only allowed to be on twitter for 5 minutes – sometimes set a timer. 

develop reports / ‘white papers’ = builds credibility

create a landing pages just for twitter users so not as overwhelmed with all detail on home page. give them specific content

think ahead of events that could lead to searches – e.g. each event at the olympics having a new post with respect to it. 

Happy days to you,