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Here are my rough notes from the conference I’m at today run by Darren Rowse of Problogger – more info here:

Creating killer content – Chris Garrett

Common sense is seldom so get your common sense online.

Ask yourself 3 questions:
1. are you doing it
2. are your competitors doing it
3. could you do better

Process of blogging: from attraction to retention to conversion to referrals

Most people don’t buy on first impression/view

Subscribers – have something that is a must-have. people feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t subscribe. people value you.

Free sample – PDF – then people will use this, then buy other products

People need to Know,  Like & Trust you. Your personality comes through. 

Do you know your prospect? your niche? your positioning?

Be different with an advantage. “What’s in it for me” (from your clients’ perspective)

Critical Success Factors: Be remarkable; Be more useful; in more depth; better researched; attractively presented; magnetic headlines; easy to grasp, friendly url; wiifm; minimum hype; prominent placement (be where people are going to be – go to them + give them value); no barriers

Many people don’t do research – do a little research and you’ll be ahead.

Start with answering ‘this is why you need to read this post’ as there’s cynicism.

Viral: give them content and explain that you’d like it to be shared and how (ccommons licence helps to keep it credited)

Compelling content:
1. Your biggest tips: use words like proven, best, most successful
2. big vision
3. guides, how-to, tutorials
4. FAQ’s
5. Story w a message, that means something to people – they get through critical human filters
6. Research & results – ‘this means for you ….’  ‘this means for you… for what you’re trying to achieve’
7. Jargon buster – really basic questions answered in a post means people will link to your post and you’ll get lots of link backs
8. product database
9. case studies
10. resource round up

be honest
turn up the emotional motivators on your post. The audience are either ‘towards’ or ‘away from’ people; past, present or future; what if/ how to; Information… Action.

blog about: intersection of what you know about and what your audience wants

7 headline formulas that really work: see Chris’s email with 100 headlines
1. Do you make ___ these mistakes?
2. The secrets of ____
3. what ___ can teach us about ___
4. Everything you know about ___ is wrong
5. How ___ made ___ and you can too!
6. If you ___, you can ___
7. Finally no more ___

how to get more persuasion (“jedi mind tricks”): audience; build relationships (more relationships, the more you can convert); authority (if you’re not yet credible, get experts who are); proof (show rather than tell – video, photos; more tweets, get more tweets – i.e. social proof); story; conversation; reciprocity; polarity (divide the audience – e.g. people who have been saying this for year vs others who say i hate you…); commitment; consistency 

TLDR = too long didn’t read. (exception – chris’s long post that was packed with value)

Don’t write just for search engines. Search engines like when you are writing for people. 

People want to start expecting value in future posts.

Happy days to you,