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Much joy today to see that Plastiki has arrived in Sydney from San Francisco! Please get on their site to make a pledge to no longer use plastic – water bottles, bags etc – and send onto others so they can hit their target! Find out more about Plastiki and the team here:

And related videos:

Arriving in Sydney –
1. Photos: 
2. Video:

And earlier – prior to leaving San Francisco – 

Here’s the blurb from one of the news websites:

“The catamaran made of 12-and-a-half thousand plastic bottles will end an epic four month voyage from San Francisco to raise awareness about plastic waste in oceans. David De Rothschild heir to the Rothschild family banking fortune skippered the Plastiki and has attracted worldwide attention since he set sail on March 21. The catamaran made of 12,500 plastic bottles will be ending its remarkable 18,520km journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Its six-member crew, skippered by David de Rothschild, a descendent of the famous British banking family, were greeted by US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich and deputy Sydney mayor Phillip Black. 
“We’ve made it! After 4 months at sea and over 8,000 nautical miles we’ve reached Sydney’s Darling Harbour! Whoooooo!!” The Plastiki crew announced on their Twitter account.

The crew finally step back on to dry land after four months at sea at the city’s maritime museum, Darling Harbour, where the Plastiki will go on temporary display. Speaking in a webcast from the Plastiki on July 24, Mr de Rothschild said he was surprised at the lack of awareness about the amount of rubbish being dumped in the sea. “It was a needless problem,” he added.

Happy days to you,

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