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Hi everyone,

Here’s details on how to start with Twitter as it’s easier than expected and these steps may have you experience a quick transition to knowing what the ‘fuss’ is all about…

(It’s worth the trouble too!)

Simple steps:
1. Register at
2. Download a Twitter application such as
3. Learn 4 important language tips: RT, @, D, #: and there’s a Twitter ‘cheat sheet’ that you can download here:
4. Set up searches specific to what you’re interested in; feel free to ‘tweet’ / comment / say what you’d like – you have very few people (followers) seeing what you are saying; and start following people you’re interested in.

Let me know how you go and contact us for more info!

Added 7th December: Should you be interested in seeing how many people click on the websites you mention on Twitter, sign up for a “” (pronounced “bit lee”) account:
1. Sign up for an account at
2. In settings on tweetdeck ensure you add your account details

And here’s an article about managing twitter and social media to avoid overload!