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Online Social Media can sound more complicated than it is.

In simple terms, it is like a highly refined magazine written around your interests. Which means it is fascinating reading, quick learning and you also meet people who like reading your magazine. The magazine evolves as you contribute to it (and are seen as a respected author). Your ideas are unearthed, accepted, challenged and enhanced by people interested in the same articles. If you’re interested in another magazine author, you can get to know them very quickly and what’s of interest to them. Meeting face to face is then very focused as you’ve already had a ‘meeting of the minds’.

The tailored presentation of the ‘magazine’ leads to greater efficiencies – including a reduction in your emails.
Translated to a business context, this means: increased employee engagement, great word of mouth, enhanced culture, new ideas, improved customer service, closer involvement with your customers and increased sales.

We’re holding workshops in Melbourne around this topic (see the brochure below), to introduce newcomers to Twitter and Tweetdeck (a Twitter application – essential for Twitter making sense). Would love to have you come along!