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The great blog post I read this morning …

“Twitter is the new real time resume. Want to sit next to u @ dinner? The Twitter by @mitchjoel with thanks to @teezeng

… has me thinking of the great leadership books I’ve read and how they refer to leaders being authentic and REAL. 

(I capitalise that word for my friend, Jan Stewart, who observed that I recently say this word a lot. Must be important to me!)

In this blog post (above) Twitter is referred to as a real-time resume/CV of an individual. 

Franky speaking, I’m rapt by this. 

 Recruiters & employers assessing potential individuals for a role now have a more complete view of a person. While there’s differing levels of online Media usage, these professionals are/will shift their ways of selecting people to incorporate more dimensions and that will flow through into companies adapting (as well as other factors that are shifting organisations to being more people-productive). 

Having followed companies doing great ‘stuff’ in Fast Company magazine for over a decade and seeing companies like Zappos and Google become globally successful, I’m working to see more of these come about. 

Let’s ride this wave baby 😉