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I was inspired to write tonight. And to write the 5 things that have been circling and are front-of-mind. 
For you…


Another way of looking at: 
the work we are doing /
our projects / 
what we do for self expression online …
…is looking at how our projects are having people create data. 
Creating that data means people spend time on that and not something else. 

One minute taking a photo and uploading to @path where 7 of my friends can see it means that I’m not spending that one minute sharing my photo on Twitter with wider humanity. This is not bad or good, just a point of note to see how I am choosing to self express.

Imagine for a moment what data your project or work is creating. What is your work having other people do/create? Is this the best use of their time? Is it a great way to be utilising humanity? It’s simple.

For your/my/our projects, it’s interesting to reflect on what data do we wish to have, see used by others, for the betterment of the world.


These words were Jonathan Harris inspired – via this video (do watch it if you haven’t yet seen something amazing this week)


I’m curious about whether future tension and disruption for organisations comes when the internet is more interesting than an individual’s work / task at hand. 

This week my Twitter interactions have heightened via two fascinating topics:
@evbogue about #ibc – a topic of interest since beginning to explore with @edwardharran @rosshill @janstewart @suzeis @davidahood and others at @wisdom2conf 2010. 
@caseorganic and @evbogue opening the world’s eyes to the idea of us being and becoming merged with technology and have named us “cyborgs” and they are exploring the future of humans with jan, ross, eddie and @crystalsilver

Engaging with people in this level of ‘global humanity’ thinking is beautiful and elating. Conventional thinking and work is forever changed. 

“Engagement” of people has been a topic of much discussion and focus for businesses. The Internet makes engagement even tougher for employers. We – the people using the internet – are driving the internet and what data it houses – and are in turn driving the data to places we’re intrigued by.  This ultimately makes it harder for organisations to retain great people who are confident, bright, and who can find work easily. 

I wonder..
Organisations that are very innovative and provide opportunities to bright minds will self-generate.
Organisations that have job roles that truly fit people’s purpose will thrive.

People who aren’t engaged may tend more and more online at work or after hours. Does this add to their lack of engagement? Does this then cause people to leave the job that is unfulfilling? to start up their own business? become more creative? become a minimalist! Ha Ha! (there’s a Twitter debate going on about minimalist living at the moment).

As more applications come to life, we have increasing tension on how to use our time. Perhaps if people use them and act instinctively, they just do what they wish to online and find that they don’t have time to do the work, or spend more time online after hours and sleep less, possibly eat whatever is easy. Or opt out of the internet because it exhausts them. But then something pulls them back in…

Hmmm… society gets pressured in many ways and in many directions from this. 

It’s happening already. 

Side note: Some of this is generalisations. I highly recommend not becoming weary from being online and naturally following your spirit on what you’re attracted to. This usually leads to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (i.e. your cashflow). It’s working for me.


Beauty in the new online world.

There’s much to explore online. Jonathan Harris believes there’s no masterpieces online yet. Doesn’t that make you wonder what’s possible? When I reflect on what’s there already, the way data can be manipulated and turned with code, then beautiful graphic design applied or infographics created, the output is a beautiful reflection of words from humanity. 

What is it you care about? Where are your words online? What is your beauty to share in this format?

Your expression of you is unique and beautiful. 


This is the last of my words for today. I’m mindful of commending 750words for providing me the space to create tonight, to afford me focus. It was enjoyable and enticing. If you haven’t yet used or seen this website – have a look, take some time, write, see what comes out in 750 words. You may be surprised. I am. 


Now it’s over to you. 
Your thoughts?