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Jan Stewart recently said to me, “Sam, your life is one, great, “natural adventure”!” The realisation from this simple comment has been awesome. 

Natural adventure” was coined by Ross Hill and is when you’re doing things that you would love to do (“natural”), as and when you’d love to (“natural adventure”). 

Rolling with the flow of life and doing what you’re naturally attracted to do. 

Ahhhh… sounds good? Is it possible for you too…?


Over the past few years of running my own business, I’ve worked with great people and businesses who know my skills and experience and we do great work together. It’s also not important where I work and how I do it. My work is results-orientated rather than time-orientated. It’s about the job being completed well rather than how long or how I did it. 

I wish for more people to be doing this – whether working as an employee or for themselves. Work hard. Have fun. I believe this allows people’s greatness to be explored, expressed, let out. Innovation and great results come.

Start your Natural Adventure Life by being Determined, taking action and building Trust in you and your environment

Similar to Kim Wood (read her great blog post), I have had the drive to set my life up this way and have attracted clients, business partners/friends who support my way of life.  Funnily / Strangely / Amazingly enough, the timing always works out. I always have work when I need it. Now I believe it’s part of the natural way of living – that if we allow, we receive. Part of it is ‘letting go’ and trusting you’re always supported.


Living this way, leads me to insights, connections, innovation, ideas, and a feeling of freedom which is important and an essential part of being me. Great ideas come on… a chairlift, in nature, meditating on a hill. True Innovation from being ‘in flow’? 

I’ve learnt how I can optimise myself and I’m still learning. I’m exploring how to structure my life, what to do in life, how to be – it’s ongoing, it’s not found in a moment then lived. Who I am is continually evolving. 


Natural adventuring opens up your mind, life, heart, levels of excitement, peace, tranquility, happiness. I guess that’s a part of how I get to work with great people!

Happy ‘natural adventuring’ days to you, get into it!