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I realised my bucketlist is… empty! Turns out I have crossed everything off in the past year – anything I’d always planned to do / wanted to do – such as:
  • go to great conferences anywhere in the world (sxsw 2010, Wisdom2.0DoLectures 2011),
  • speak at great events,
  • see India,
  • snowski heaps,
  • meet loads of exceptional people,
  • be outdoors lots,
  • eat well in great places,
  • ski with my NZ family, have a family holiday in Bali, spend time with my nephews, take Mum to Tuscany (something I promised a few years ago),
  • drive across the Nullarbor desert in Australia,
  • stroll in Paris,
  • spontaneously fly to Sydney for lunch,
  • say “Yes” to great trips/experience with dear friends when they arise, support dear friends, celebrate decades of friendship,
  • work with great people producing great stuff that I and they are proud of,
  • have the freedom to be wherever the work, great food, exceptional people and fun is: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), Solomon Islands;
  • smile loads, laugh lots,
  • yeeeehahhh….
My business is now orientated to working wherever I am and I’m continually refining how I operate best. I work with fabulous clients work and I’m very grateful.


It was a surprise: saying yes to what I wanted, respecting what’s best for others around me, and having everything around me work to accommodate it.


I’m off to Bali next month to learn how to surf and creating new additions to my business.


May you similarly be inspired!


P.S. Here’s some of what I’ve experienced – enjoy 🙂

A Year of Faves