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I’m relaxing on a minibus as I type on my iPhone from Niseko, Japan enroute to the airport. Niseko is where I’ve been skiing for the past 8 days – epic place to ski and visit.

For over a year I’ve tweeted before I meditated, once when I woke and once before I slept. While traveling or busy with work and life, I fitted in meditation wherever I was. Sometimes lying down in bed before sleep, sometimes my usual cross legged sit which I prefer. 

While in Japan I didn’t do this. At the start of the trip I meditated each day then tai chi each morning and meditation every few days. 

What I noticed was…

* It was nice to ease into meditating without using technology.

* I am aided much more in life through meditating twice a day. I am more aware of life and surrounds and more understanding towards others. It is a strong spine or backbone of my life. 

* I enjoy sharing a regular meditation practice with others via Twitter – as insight to what works for me, it affords me frequent connections with people who are wondering about doing it, and for the possibility of inspiring others. 

* A consistent, regular practice of meditation works for me – constantly adding to a platform of a deeper/happier way of being in the world. (It doesn’t have to be perfect. Over time my thoughts have slowed down and stopped and started again and also life speeds up and it sometimes has been difficult to fit in 20 minutes – so I changed to 10 minutes and learn when I need longer… the consistency & commitment works. Meditation is a key aspect of how I live well.)

Including #deepdive in a tweet before meditating was started by Jan Stewart – read her great words about it here and have a look at who else includes #deepdive in their tweets when meditating. If you’re interested in meditating and joining others, you could join in. 

…Time now to be and enjoy the white snowy outside, the foggy windows from the warm/cold, and the birch trees and the heavy-snow-laden-roofed houses. 

Thanks to Jan Stewart for supporting my #deepdive interests. And to Steve Hopkins, Jan Stewart, Ross Hill, Jules Hughan, Ehon Chan, Doug Millen, Cheryl Lin & the #b03 crew for igniting my desire to blog and Eddie Harran for the draft read-through 🙂