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Today I’m travelling to Tetepare Island with Global Leadership Foundation to investigate holding a Leadership Development camp there and to assist in saving critically endangered leatherback turtles. 

Last year I attended a Global Leadership Foundation “Turtle Camp” in Far North Queensland. The week included: being amongst the local indigineous community and learning about their culture, night time 4WD trips to the beach to check on endangered turtles laying eggs, day time turtle nest checks and releasing baby turtles into the ocean (so amazing), learning about the global environmental concerns of many plastics being on the deserted shores of Far North Queensland (and intense realisation of how I and others contribute to it), and ‘being’ without technology and the relaxation that came from the beautiful calming sound of the sheoaks.

I love how Global Leadership Foundation teach people about their role as a global steward – that as individuals we have the responsibility and privilege to preserve the planet as part of the global community of people (more info here). 

Tetepare is part of the Solomon Islands and looks so beautiful – as does the eco-retreat where we’ll stay (as seen from the photo above). 

Happy days to you,