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You may have noticed my blogging has changed in the last few posts. I’ve had a realisation that in sharing more details of who I am, what I do, and what I think, I’m expressing my own greatness and creating an opportunity to inspire others.

Being a leader. I have a reducing amount of discomfort around sharing my words online. After some posts I have felt exposed. It’s a remaining piece of my (possibly corporate and societal) conditioning and my current state of building my outer greatness and learning. It’s important to me to share more of who I am, learn about myself in the process, allow myself to connect with others who are like minded. Choosing to be real. Love to you. Now it’s your turn. Sam

With great thanks to all my amazing supporters. Feeling huge gratitude. Thank you. Read this great post that’ll give you more insight [Ross Hill – thanks :)]

Sent from my iPhone from Mount Hotham where it’s so beautiful this morning. Samantha Bell