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Niseko was so much more than the original intention of snowskiing for 10 days. I learnt new ways of being. The people, culture, and values provided delighting experiences. Another experience of travel humbling & teaching me. Broadening my perspective. Yay!

The Japanese architecture, cooking, and design-embedded-into-everything was entrancing. The ceramics looked beautiful, felt full of care and were something to keep hold of!

Design breeding design. 

I loved being distracted by the kitchens – exporting deliciousness with no/minimal conversation between the creators. 

The sake and plum wine bottles with beautiful artistry and matching thought out colors. 

Bowing, toilet slippers, warmed toilet seats, and food I often didn’t recogniz – on ceramics of all shapes and sizes. 

Skiing in resorts where the lift operators are the local dairy and potatoes farmers. 

The honesty, standard pricing and generosity. 

Care, grace, and beauty. 

A country I’d like to return to. 

Have you been? What did you think? Are you going? 🙂