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A year ago I visited Turtle Camp in Far North Queensland, Australia and was shocked to see the plastics on the shores of Australia, in an area that is largely deserted. My shock created action and I presented at Trampoline on “Garbage 2.0“, including the Global Garbage Patch. In this presentation, I and others took on not using plastic bottles. Since then I signed the Plastiki pledge to not use plastic bottles and now carry a BPA-free plastic bottle and fill up at water fountains. There’s an irony that we’re drinking tap water again as we did naturally 20 years ago. Are we tending to a more natural existance?

Amazingly and interestingly to me is that I have only been in the position where I needed to buy a throw-away plastic bottle of water 7 times in the past year. 

That’s 7 times more than I’d prefer and somewhere between 50-100 bottles that I didn’t buy. How cool is that.

It’s also interesting to see that while I live in a society fortunate to be at the stage of evolving from potentially harmful plastics, others aren’t yet at this stage. 

Ross Hill recently sent me these photos:


While I’m rarely using throw-away-plastic bottles, others are gaining from using them. Rather than being rigid about me and others not using plastic, I recognise the validity in the things we create and that there is a cycle occuring. 

Gretha Oost is a Socialpreneur creating a new plastic bottle that looks good and is good for the environment. Sure, it’s BPA-free and also it’s still plastic. Her perspective is inspiring – that this plastic bottle is the best material we know about now and as we change to carrying a water bottle and using water fountains, then another material may be found and her company and others will update their products to better materials. Time is needed to evolve.

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