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I hear of increasing amounts of plastics in our rivers and oceans and am concerned of the effect of this on sea life, bird life and on the global food chain. In the past, I’ve been sadened to hear of people throwing plastics into waterways, seeing the amount of plastic washed up on deserted beaches and wondered how this could be.

A few weeks ago I heard that in the past, throwing a food container into the river was fine because back then in many countries it was made of leaves or a compostable substance. As lives have changed to plastic containers, this habit of throwing things in the river has continued. 

Living in Australia, it’s amazing that throughout most of my life I haven’t considered that what I use will be landfill in the future and also what that landfill looks like. Even getting to landfill – the transport, the people and transport energy expended. 

I’m pleased to be getting more educated about the holistic view of my life and my impact in a wider context. 

And how history gives context. 


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