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I am seeing it everywhere now. 

As I go deeper into who I am, I see others going through their own metamorphous in life and I see it in movies too. In books. 
For me it was a process from selfishness / me-orientation 
to fitting societal structures..
to amazing struggle, confusion, a feeling of lack of options…
to then seeing the benefits of working collaboratively with others for the world… 
to being driven to self-focus: to strengthen me as an individual and to support others I know doing the same. Turning up the volume of my voice, what I stand for, discovering & living the life I choose.
Going deep into myself to tap the flow of life: where life is easier, less effort.

I am more me than I was.
I uncover new depths of truth, speak/express it, and I gain peace. What was truth two years ago is a deeper level today. 
I discover a deeper intimacy with those around me, my relationships. In this state, I ‘win’, you do, we do as a global human community, and the planet. We go deep into ourselves, uncovering more and support each other in unearthing our individual uniqueness and soul expression. 
I wish this peace for you.
This post comes with huge kudos to many, especially those who have quickened my learning in the past few weeks: Jan Stewart, Ross Hill, Edward Harran, Dave Hood, Joanne Spain. I love you. 
Happy days to you,