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It’s interesting to read the newspapers in different places for many reasons, including how a society represents itself through their media and to see how my home-country Australia is represented. Luckily in India, I was there for a month so could see more of what is represented in the newspapers over time – especially as a newspaper was delivered daily to my door (very spoilt!). 

I really enjoyed the breadth of issues discussed, the editorials, the letters to the editor displaying public comments, and especially seeing ‘today’s tweets’ on the front page. Great. 


This article in the photos is a great one about globalisation and global governance. Really interesting. It’s from the New Indian Express.

I was also interested to learn about and observe the reaction to Obama’s visit being to India at the time of Devali (a festival which is largely celebrated – described as the Christmas equivalent). For security reasons, many sites and services were closed (such as ferry services) causing a bother to many. “I wonder how the US would feel if our Prime Minister visited at Christmas”

Hope you enjoy.

May you be well and happy