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A very important tool in your business is focus. Working on the things that matter. Making things work for you.

A system used by very successful business people is “Getting Things Done” or “GTD”. It can take time to implement and it’s so helpful for being easeful in all areas of your life. The key is to be present / mindful / relaxed / easeful in each moment – whether busy or working or with your kids or walking along the beach. Get the things you need to do out of your head and into a system that works for you.

I started using GTD a couple of years ago and feel like a beginner with much better systems than when I started. For me a big benefit has been reducing the amount I try to do as in the past I didn’t assess activity with respect to how to best utilise what I’m truly clever at and what I want to achieve. (I wonder if 99 percent of people in business are the same.)

I’m getting a lot more done recently because I refine my vision and have a criteria to direct me – whenever an opportunity or idea comes up it goes through the criteria and I can keep focused.

If it sounds too structured, believe me, I’ve been through unstructured working and now know it is a combination of both that has me be successful. Hope that helps 🙂

Here’s some links to get you started. Read a bit. Get into it. Don’t get trapped in reading to much.

Getting Things Done – book (via Amazon)

Summary of GTD – download ebook (via Kindle)

Great links and guide from Zen Habits (Leo Babauta)

If it seems to much, contact me. Happy to help you be amazing.