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Over the past few years I’ve wondered “What does ‘letting go’ really mean?”


While snow-skiing in Canada I gained insight.


I’ve been learning to trust in my skiing ability and my skis.
I have had moments of relaxing while skiing through:
* believing I have the skills and experience required; and
* letting the skis take me.
In skiing there’s a tendency to ‘fight’ your skis which takes a toll on your body, style, grace and effort.
The skill is in letting them take you and gliding effortlessly.


The result is: ease, a sensation of amazing flow, thrill, excitement and glee.


Letting go is about believing in yourself and trusting your environment. Trusting that you have enough and are always supported – everything you need is here: what is around you, who is around you, and what you have available (people, money, assets, intelligence, education, connections, etc).


In skiing and in life: believe in your abilities + trust your environment = ease, flow, thrill and glee.


I wish that for you.