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My role on this earth is enabling others to see for themselves how fabulous they are; to inspire them to both express, show, use their gift in life; to revel in life.  

Your life is the expression of what you have that is special: the reserves of amazing-ness inside that is there to tap, explore, find, utilise, harness – for the good of the individual, and if you like: for the human population and the planet. 

I’ve been exploring this for me for a couple of decades and in earnest for the past 5 years. To me, my life is an adventure, having great spirit around the things I do, expressing my true nature and exploring me. [That’s why, as I write, I’m researching gaining an Indian visa for a November trip…] Letting my life force flow and having fun with others. And I see that in expressing what I’m truly great at, it inspires others to be great too. In allowing the life flow to take me, everything works out perfectly and beautifully. It’s still a surprise.

The world is easier if we are doing what we love. I know many criticise this premise, so I am writing to inspire others and using my story as an example to show that it’s possible. 

I also don’t give false illusions – yes, this has been a difficult road for me at times and it’s not always perfect… yet it is incredible to me to be able to have the life I do. 

Roll back in time with me now…

This photo is of me at the end of 2005. 


Shortly after this time, I started to feel a growing feeling of ‘this is not-quite-right’ in my consulting role at a large organisation. Through the counsel of a dear friend and inner wrestling with conflicting rational and emotional impulses, I decided to resign. Two groups of my colleagues formed: those who were curious and expressing similar dissatisfaction/confusion/un-ease with their job/life and those who were really surprised/confused especially when I replied that I didn’t have any plans and didn’t know where I was going next. 

What I didn’t know at this time was that the next fours years would afford me time to investigate what I loved to do in life, leaving behind the societal expectations / pressures of what I should do, should like, who I should be, what I should wear and buy. I’d spent enough time fitting in: gaining a degree, having successful jobs, winning awards and wearing a suit – now it was time to explore. Life provided me enough work to come in at times when I required more cash flow and time to explore.

I discovered my love of: yoga; driving out of town to eat at great places (Kilcunda is a highlight); spontaneous adventures and travel; having an unstructured week/month/year where I can explore a lot; de-cluttering my life (having less stuff to have more clarity of mind), earning a good living and lower expenses so I can explore more and ‘work’ less; my fascination with macro world trends, social media – and how it can enable expression/insight/passions/goals/connections, data, anything2.0, seeing people interact at markets in different places, living/skiing/working in Canada for a month a year; what sort of work I really enjoy and the people I really love to spend time with at work and in life – many overlapping. I also learnt to enjoy spending time with myself – seeking to have my own time. 

And that I can easily fill moments with things to do rather than doing what I’d love to. 


I went through many peaks and troughs and through feeling strange/unusual/different to “the norm”. 

Through all that, I have reached a wonderful life. 

I’m now learning more about inner peace while on a trip to the Nullarbor Desert through self reflection, meditation and spending time alone. I’m realising that I have inner peace on so many occasions and in so many moments now. I wish this for you.

More thoughts and ideas are a-coming. Check back here when you can, when you’re inspired or seeking inspiration…

Happy days to you 🙂

The quotation at the start of this blog post is from the Integral Life Practice Book, by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard and Marco Morelli.

This photo was taken somewhere enroute to the Nullarbor from Adelaide: