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It was amazing spending time in the Nullarbor recently – great people, sensational scenery, and time to myself to reflect and be. 

I’d always wanted to see the Great Australian Bight, to see the bottom part of Australia that looks exactly like… a bite has been taken out of it!  

I wondered, as you drive across the desert, do you just pull off the road and the cliffs drop away just on the side of the Nullarbor Highway? And what’s it like to drive through desert along such a long stretch?

Researching before I left, I read that there’s two reactions when you say you’re going to the Nullarbor – “why would you want to do that?” and “I’ve always wanted to go there”. This was true in my conversations beforehand – it was fascinating seeing people’s perspective. 

I also assumed all Australian desert was red soil and always HOT. 

What I learnt is…

The desert in this southern part of Australia is a sandy colour tending to slight red tones – not that bright. And the desert isn’t always hot – average temp was around 20 degrees Celsius. 

You can see from the photos – lots of blue sky and great cloud formations. Big, expansive surrounds. The expansiveness and (often) lack of fences reminded me of the ‘big sky’ Mongolia steppe. The driving combined with the expansiveness afforded me great moments of calm and peace and reflection.

In Natural Adventure mode, some days we booked accommodation each morning others we found it as we went. On the first night after a long drive from Adelaide, a self-service motel appeared gratefully in the middle of nowhere. 

The majestic cliffs aren’t on the side of the highway – there’s a few carparks close to the road at some spots and other spots we drove a few km’s to get to the coast. How’s this photo for a view… it’s exactly what I wished to see and more:

A true highlight was the whales at the Great Australian Bight – approximately 15-20, including a white whale cub. I was entranced and overjoyed to see them. So beautiful. 


It’s an extraordinary trip. If you’re one of the people who says “I’ve always wanted to go there” – book your flights. Get there. Look into the campervan relocation deals – some only $1 per day to move a campervan from one place to another within certain dates. We did the trip in a week – from Adelaide to Eucla return and it was about 2,500km’s. You may choose to take longer and go at a slower pace. 


More photos of this extraordinary place and our trip are here: 

Happy days to you, enjoy!