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I’ve stripped back my usual communication inputs (following less people on Twitter and less links clicked) to lighten the thoughts of others coming to me; not feeling compelled to learn more. There is a lot I learn already via intuition and my increasingly-louder inner self. There is always the chance to hear the beauty and wisdom from within.

I’ve reduced my outgoing communication (blog posts) too . There is already so much available for people to learn via the Internet.

We always have opportunity to constantly gain a deeper understanding of ourself. We have the opportunity to express who we are and your version and my version is unique. Otherwise, why would we be here? Each person expressing their uniqueness builds flow for them and ease in life (and flow for the greater human society and systems). You are good at that, I am good at this, he is good at that... we can then rely on each other for what we are naturally tending to and skilful in.

I recently changed my website. Each time I do, it more closely represents me. The “I” that I am today is different from the “I” in two days or two years. It’s exciting that who I am today is evolved into something greater tomorrow. With each expression (online and physical) I have the opportunity to refine the representation of me. 

At the moment, my self expression is via photos, videos and some audio on my website, Flickr, Path, this blog and Jan Stewart’s blog

I love to explore, go on adventures and I enjoy taking photos to capture beautiful moments and to share with others. My website is now photo-led. It is a way of having my online representation display who I am for others to learn about me without me being there. Learning how I wish to represent myself in my website, my blog, Path, and other platforms such as LinkedIn has me learn more about how I wish to represent myself and reflect on who I am. 

Recently, Jan Stewart reminded me: the words “Enlightened” and “Enlightenment” include the word “light”. Quite simply, to be enlightened is to lighten up. Be less concerned about the parts of yourself / my parts of myself that bug you / me. Let go of the annoyance with it. Lighten up. Let go. I think this is why the Dalai Lama giggles. I think it’s why enlightened people and those who are headed that way are joyful, smiley, easeful, light, caring, generous, and happy.

With a new website, a realisation that my online expression now affords others a view of me moment to moment, plus an awareness of being light about who I am… look out for exciteable expressions on Twitter and photos via 

Enjoy creating your own expression online!


P.S. The next iteration of my website is hopefully photos displayed in real-time (from the moment I capture them). If you have ideas about this – I’d be delighted if you emailed me!